MO901R / MC039A - Computing Seminar - Seminars in Computer Architecture and Compilers

General information

Teacher: Rodolfo Jardim de Azevedo

Open Hours: Mon: 10h-12h

Waiters Search directly in my room.

Living room: 351


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09/07Graduation class notes MC039R. All graduate students achieved the S concept (there is no grade in this course).
04/03 Check the important dates on the graduate calendar and graduation calendar.


Read, present and discuss recent articles in the area of ​​Computer Architecture and Compilers


References to articles are at the bottom of this page.

05/03Presentation, selection of articles
12/03A case for an SC-preserving compilerGabriel (023869)
19/03Idempotent processor architectureRaoni (069297)Raphael (045840)
26/03The Case for GPGPU Spatial MultitaskingLeandro (001963)Rudolph (134077)
02/04Releasing efficient beta colors to market earlyJefferson (033452)Eric (089237)
09/04Quasi-Novolatile SSD: Trading Flash Memory Nonvolatility to Improve Storage System Performance for Enterprise ApplicationsAndrew (080681)Arnaldo
16/04FabScalar: composing synthesizable RTL designs of arbitrary colors within a canonical superscalar templateRoger (134078)Marcelo (085937)
23/04Statistical Performance Comparisons of ComputersLiana (098364)Victoria (084643)
07/05Bundled execution of recurring traces for energy-efficient general purpose processingRaphael (115153)Daniel (057612)
14/05Power Balanced PipelinesPhilomen (134234)John (134063)
21/05Prefetch-aware shared resource management for multi-core systemsLucas (134068)
28/05On-the-fly detection of precise loop in these across procedures on a dynamic binary translation systemCaesar (115121)Maria Julia (117964)
04/06Booster: Reactive Core Acceleration for Mitigating the Effects of Process Variation and Application Imbalance in Low-Voltage ChipsRené (105641)Richard (106938)
11/06i-NVMM: a secure non-volatile main memory system with incremental encryptionAlexander (108411)Murilo (134072)
18/06QsCores: trading dark silicon for scalable energy efficiency with quasi-specific colorsMario (123547)Emilio (120884)
25/06Clearing the Clouds: A Study of Emerging Scale-out Workloads on Modern HardwareMarcel (071675)Maxiwell (089057)


All students must read all articles listed in the calendar. Furthermore, for each article, a pair of students will make a presentation in the classroom followed by topics for discussion. see the suggested articles for this semester.