MO901R / MC039A - Computing Seminar - Seminars in Computer Architecture and Compilers

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Teacher: Rodolfo Jardim de Azevedo

Open Hours: Mon: 10h-12h

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Living room: 316



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Read, present and discuss recent articles in the area of ​​Computer Architecture and Compilers


References to articles are at the bottom of this page.

104/03Presentation of the course
225/03Understanding fundamental design choices in single-ISA heterogeneous multicore architectures. 2013. ACM Trans. Archit. Code Optim. 9, 4, Article 32 (January 2013)Rene (73673)
301/04Discerning the Dominant Out-of-Order Performance Advantage: is it Dynamism or Speculation? Daniel McFarlin (Carnegie Mellon University), Charles Tucker (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign), Craig Zilles (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign) - ASPLOS 2013134077
408/04Power Struggles: Revisiting the RISC vs. CISC Debate on Contemporary ARM and x86 Architectures. Emily Blem, Jaikrishnan Menon, and Karthikeyan Sankaralingam (University of Wisconsin) - HPCA 2013Roger (134078)Diego (104819)
515/04NOC-Out: Microarchitecting a Scale-Out Processor. Pejman Lotfi-Kamran, Boris Grot, and Babak Falsafi (EPFL) - MICRO 2012Julian (142693)
622/04Transactional Memory Architecture and Implementation for IBM System z. Christian Jacobi, Timothy Slegel, and Dan Greiner (IBM) - MICRO 2012Iliezer (149867)
729/04Unifying Primary Cache, Scratch, and Register File Memories in a Throughput Processor. Mark Gebhart (The University of Texas at Austin), Stephen W. Keckler (NVIDIA / The University of Texas at Austin), Brucek Khailany and Ronny Krashinsky (NVIDIA), and William J. Dally (NVIDIA and Stanford University) - MICRO 2012William (134056)Raphael (92680)
806/05Systematic Energy Characterization of CMP / SMT Processor Systems via Automated Micro-Benchmarks. Ramon Bertran (Barcelona Supercomputing Center and IBM Research), Alper Buyuktosunoglu and Meeta Sharma Gupta (IBM Research), Marc Gonzalez (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), and Pradip Bose (IBM Research) - MICRO 2012Leonard (98336)Ricardo (107101)
913/05Unikernels: Library Operating Systems for the Cloud. Anil Madhavapeddy (University of Cambridge), Richard Mortier (University of Nottingham), Charalampos Rotsos (University of Cambridge), David Scott (Citrix Systems R&D), Balraj Singh (University of Cambridge), Thomas Gazagnaire (OcamlPro), Steven Smith (University of Cambridge), Steven Hand (University of Cambridge), Jon Crowcroft (University of Cambridge) - ASPLOS 2012Allison (144656)Kim (144668)
1020/05Accelerating Write by Exploiting PCM Asymmetries. Jianhui Yue and Yifeng Zhu (University of Maine) - HPCA 2013Samuel (144681)Fabio (094763)
1127/05ECM: Effective Capacity Maximizer for High-Performance Compressed Caching. Seungcheol Baek, Hyung Gyu Lee, Chrysostomos Nicopoulos, Junghee Lee, and Jongman Kim (Georgia Institute of Technology, Daegu University, University of Cyprus) - HPCA 2013Henry (142690)Thais (144682)
1403/06Amoeba-Cache: Adaptive Blocks for Eliminating Waste in the Memory Hierarchy. Snehasish Kumar (Simon Fraser University), Hongzhou Zhao (University of Rochester), Arrvindh Shriraman and Eric Matthews (Simon Fraser University), Sandhya Dwarkadas (University of Rochester), and Lesley Shannon (Simon Fraser University) - MICRO 2012Arx (107460)
1310/06Illusionist: Transforming Lightweight Cores into Aggressive Cores on Demand. Amin Ansari, Shuguang Feng, Shantanu Gupta, Josep Torrellas, and Scott Mahlke (UIUC, Northrop Grumman, Intel, University of Michigan) - HPCA 2013George (144637)Gilvan (144664)
1217/06Application-to-Core Mapping Policies to Reduce Memory System Interference in Multi-Core Systems Reetuparna Das, Rachata Ausavarungnirun, Onur Mutlu, Akhilesh Kumar, and Mani Azimi (University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon University, Intel) - HPCA 2013Liana (98364)Thiago (72488)
1524/06Why You Should Care About Quantile Regression. Augusto Oliveira (University of Waterloo), Sebastian Fischmeister (University of Waterloo), Amer Diwan (Google Inc.), Matthias Hauswirth (University of Lugano), Peter Sweeney (IBM Research) - ASPLOS 2013Lucas (142696)


All students must read all articles listed in the calendar. Furthermore, for each article, a pair of students will make a presentation in the classroom followed by topics for discussion. see the suggested articles for this semester.