MO901 / MC039: Computer Seminars: Computer Architecture and Compilers

23 / 02: Selected articles for presentation this semester.

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Review the literature in the areas of Computer Architecture and Compilers through recent articles.

Selected articles for presentation this semester.

Recent articles in the areas of Computer Architecture and Compilers.

The assessment is based on presentations, presence and participation in class.

For graduation: Final Note = 0,5 * Presentation Note + 0,5 * Participation Note.

For graduate students: Concepts: S: presence> = 75%, I: presence <75%.

Any attempted fraud during the semester will be punished to the extent of my authority, including a zero score on the discipline for everyone involved.

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24 / feb1Presentation of the course
03 / marThere will be no activities
10 / mar2Large-Reach Memory Management Unit Caches🇧🇷 MICRO 2013. Abhishek Bhattacharjee (Rutgers University)Louis (152964)
17 / mar3Heterogeneous System Coherence for Integrated CPU-GPU Systems. MICRO 2013. Jason Power, Arkaprava Basu (University of Wisconsin-Madison). Junli Gu, Sooraj Puthoor, Bradford M. Beckmann (AMD), Mark D. Hill (University of Wisconsin-Madison, AMD), Steven K. Reinhardt (AMD), and David A. Wood (University of Wisconsin-Madison, AMD) .Leandro (153648)
24 / mar4A hardware evaluation of Cache Partitioning to Improve Utilization and Energy-Efficiency while Preserving Responsiveness. ISCA 2013. Henry Cook, UC Berkeley, Miquel Moreto, ICSI / UC Berkeley / UPC, Sarah Bird, UC Berkeley, Khanh Ngoc Dao, UC Berkeley, David Patterson, UC Berkeley, Krste Asanovic, UC BerkeleyJulian (142693)
31 / mar5Scalability analysis of memory consistency models in NoC based distributed shared memory SoCs. IEEE Transactions on Computer Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 32 (5), 2013. Abdul Naeem, Axel Jantsch, and Zhonghai LuGeorge (144637)
07 / Apr6A study of the Scalability of Stop-the-World Garbage Collectors on Multicore. ASPLOS 2013. Lokesh Gidra (Regal-LIP6 / INRIA / UPMC), Gaël Thomas (Regal-LIP6 / INRIA / UPMC), Julien Sopena (Regal-LIP6 / INRIA / UPMC), Marc Shapiro (Regal-LIP6 / INRIA / UPMC) .Thiago (072488)
14 / Apr7ESSC: A Fast Multicore Simulator Using Time-Based Sampling🇧🇷 HPCA 2013. Ehsan K. Ardestani and Jose RenauMax (089057)
21 / AprThere will be no activities
28 / Apr8MLP-Aware Dynamic Instruction Window Resizing for Adaptively Exploiting Both ILP and MLP🇧🇷 MICRO 2013. Yuya Kora, Kyohei Yamaguchi, and Hideki Ando (Nagoya University)Rudolph (134077)
05 / May9ZSim: Fast and accurate microarchitectural simulation of thousand-core systems🇧🇷 ISCA 2013. Daniel Sanchez and Christos KozyrakisJames (046802)
12 / May10Power 8 architectureadhemerval
19 / May11Efficient virtual memory for big memory servers🇧🇷 ISCA-13. Arkaprava Basu, Jayneel Gandhi, Jichuan Chang, Mark D. Hill, and Michael M. SwiftMirella
26 / May12Power Containers: An OS Facility for Fine-Grained Power and Energy Management on Multicore Servers. ASPLES 2013. Kai Shen (University of Rochester), Arrvindh Shriraman (Simon Fraser University), Sandhya Dwarkadas (University of Rochester), Xiao Zhang (Google), Zhuan Chen (University of Rochester).Felipe Milani
June 02th13Zombie: Extending Memory Lifetime by Reviving Dead Blocks. Rodolfo Jardim de Azevedo, State University of Campinas, Brazil, John D. Davis, Microsoft Research, Karin Strauss, Microsoft Research and University of Washington, Parikshit Gopalan, Microsoft Research, Mark Manasse, Microsoft Research, Sergey Yekhanin, Microsoft ResearchRodolfo
June 09th14Revolver: Processor Architecture for Power Ef fi cient Loop Execution, HPCA 2014, Mitchell Hayenga (ARM), Mikko H. Lipasti (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Vignyan Reddy (University of Wisconsin-Madison).Rafael Auler
June 16th15Kangkook Jee, Vasileios P. Kemerlis, Angelos D. Keromytis, and Georgios Portokalidis. 2013. ShadowReplica: efficient parallelization of dynamic data flow tracking. In Proceedings of the 2013 ACM SIGSAC conference on Computer & communications security (CCS '13). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 235-246.View All