MO901R / MC039A - Computing Seminar - Seminars in Computer Architecture and Compilers

General information

Teacher: Rodolfo Jardim de Azevedo

Open Hours: Mon: 10h-12h

Waiters Search directly in my room.

Living room: 85


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05/12Available notes
05/08 Check the important dates on the graduate calendar and graduation calendar.


Read, present and discuss recent articles in the area of ​​Computer Architecture and Compilers


References to articles are at the bottom of this page.

06/08Presentation, selection of articles
13/08Is dark silicon useful ?: harnessing the four horsemen of the coming dark silicon apocalypseRudolph (134077)Edward (102054)
20/08SAGA: SystemC acceleration on GPU architecturesLeandro (001963)Enzo (094756)
27/08The Yin and Yang of power and performance for asymmetric hardware and managed softwareLucas (134068)
03/09Transformer: a functional-driven cycle-accurate multicore simulatorRoger (134078)
10/09understanding modern device driversLucas (134093)William (093817)
17/09Paragon: Collaborative Speculative Loop Execution on GPU and CPULeandro (001963)Enzo (094756)
24/09Removal of Unnecessary Context Switches from the SystemC Simulation Kernel for Fast VP SimulationLiana (098364)
01/10Coding-based energy minimization for phase change memoryPeter (134074)Jefferson (095781)
08/10scale-out processorsPaul (095431)Matthew (103514)
15/10Can traditional programming bridge the Ninja performance gap for parallel computing applications?Leandro (001963)
22/10BulkSMT: Designing SMT processors for atomic-block executionJulian (142693)
29/10Age-based PCM wear leveling with nearly zero search costMurilo (134072)
05/11Synchronization for hybrid MPSoC full-system simulationMario (123547)
12/11Eff fi cient Scrub Mechanisms for Error-Prone Emerging MemoriesHelder (134055)
19/11There will be no activities


All students must read all articles listed in the calendar. Furthermore, for each article, a pair of students will make a presentation in the classroom followed by topics for discussion. see the suggested articles for this semester.