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Giovani Chiachia


[1] Deep Representations for Iris, Face, and Fingerprint Spoofing Detection

David Menotti, Giovani Chiachia, Allan Pinto, William R. Schwartz, Helio Pedrini, Alexandre X. Falcão, and Anderson Rocha, arXiv, 2014

[2] Learning Person-Specific Representations from Faces in the Wild

Giovani Chiachia, Alexandre X. Falcão, Nicolas Pinto, Anderson Rocha and David Cox, IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security (T-IFS), 2014

[3] The 2013 Face Recognition Evaluation in Mobile Environment

Manuel Gunther, Artur Costa-Pazo, Changxing Ding, Elhocine Boutellaa, Giovani Chiachia, et al, IEEE International Conference on Biometrics (ICB), 2013

[4] Person-Specific Subspace Analysis for Unconstrained Familiar Face Identification

Giovani Chiachia, Nicolas Pinto, William R. Schwartz, Anderson Rocha, Alexandre X. Falcão and David Cox, British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), 2012

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