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Giovani Chiachia

Learning Person-Specific Representations from Faces in the Wild

Abstract : Humans are natural face recognition experts, far out-performing current automated face recognition algorithms, especially in naturalistic, “in the wild” settings. However, a striking feature of human face recognition is that we are dramatically better at recognizing highly familiar faces, presumably because we can leverage large amounts of past experience with the appearance of an individual to aid future recognition. Meanwhile, the analogous situation in automated face recognition, where a large number of training examples of an individual are available, has been largely underexplored, in spite of the increasing relevance of this setting in the age of social media. Inspired by these observations, we propose to explicitly learn enhanced face representations on a per-individual basis, and we present two methods enabling this approach. By learning and operating within person-specific representations, we are able to significantly outperform the previous state-of-the-art on PubFig83, a challenging benchmark for familiar face recognition in the wild, using a novel method for learning representations in deep visual hierarchies. We suggest that such person-specific representations aid recognition by introducing an intermediate form of regularization to the problem.

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Giovani Chiachia, Alexandre X. Falcão, Nicolas Pinto, Anderson Rocha and David Cox, IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security (T-IFS), 2014