Advising and Supervising
Prof. Flávio Keidi Miyazawa

I'm interested to supervise/advise (Postdoc, Ph.D., M.Sc and undergrad researchers/students) in the following areas:
Combinatorial Optimization
Approximation Algorithms
Integer Programming

There are many problems we can consider. In this link (in portuguese) or in the list of students I have advised, you may find some example of problems. This is only to see the type of problems I'm interested. We can discuss an interesting research problem for both. It is important to note, that in all such problems, important requirements are the algorithmic and mathematical taste, reasoning and background (as used in the Design and Analysis of Algorithms problems). If this is the case, we can talk about some research problems.

For undergraduate students that are interested to enter in a M.Sc. or Ph.D. program, it is interesting to join the Programa Integrado de Formação (PIF), that allows an undergraduate student to be advised and registered in a graduate course.

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