Conference Paper

Analysis of the impact of communication protocols on service quality in ERTMS automatic train control systems


Authors Paolo Lollini Leonardo Montecchi Melinda Magyar István Majzik Andrea Bondavalli
The ERTMS-ATC system is a distributed system where the Driver Machine Interface (DMI) is a slave unit of the train onboard vital computer (EVC). In this paper we analyze two types of communication protocols for the EVC-DMI interactions, based, respectively, on cyclic and acyclic messages’ exchange. Adopting a modular modeling methodology, we assess their impact on significant dependability-related indicators. The analysis of the obtained results allows to quantify the improvements in adopting an acyclic protocol, possibly with one spare DMI component.
Event Symposium on Formal Methods for Automation and Safety in Railway and Automotive Systems (FORMS/FORMAT 2008)
Venue Budpest, Hungary
Date October 9-10, 2008

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