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Towards a Framework for Self-Adaptive Reliable Network Services in Highly-Uncertain Environments

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Authors Andrea Ceccarelli Jesper Grønbæk Leonardo Montecchi Hans-Peter Schwefel Andrea Bondavalli
In future inhomogeneous, pervasive and highly dynamic networks, end-nodes may often only rely on unreliable and uncertain observations to diagnose hidden network states and decide upon possible remediation actions. Inherent challenges exists to identify good and timely decision strategies to improve resilience of end-node services. In this paper we present a framework, called ODDR (Observation, Diagnosis, Decision, Remediation), for improving resilience of network based services through integration of self-adaptive monitoring services, network diagnosis, decision actions, and finally execution (and monitoring) of remediation actions. We detail the motivations to the ODDR design, then we present its architecture, and finally we describe our current activities towards the realization and assessment of the framework services and the main results currently achieved.
DOI 10.1109/ISORCW.2010.21
Event 1st IEEE International Workshop on Object/Component/Service-Oriented Real-Time Networked Ultra-Dependable Systems (WORNUS 2010)
Main Event 13th IEEE International Symposium on Object/Component/Service-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing (ISORC 2010)
Venue Carmona, Spain
Date May 4-7, 2010
Pages 184-193
Publisher IEEE
ISBN ELECTRONIC: 978-1-4244-7219-2
PRINT: 978-1-4244-7218-5
CDROM: 978-0-7695-4038-2

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