MC723 - Exercise 2 - OCP / IP


Term: postponed until 25/03 at 8:00 am

See comments and more information on Wiki and Forum of the discipline


Submission will be by email:

Subject: MC723: Exercise 2 - RA XXXXXX

Contents: A .tgz file with all the source files (* .cpp, * .cc, * .C, * .hpp, * .H, Makefile) in a directory whose name will be formed by the 6 digits of your RA.

See rules detailed information for sending activities.


Build a module in SystemC whose behavior is as follows:

Build a test module from the module described above and make the two work together. Test the execution of various operations

This module must use the protocol OCP communication protocol, at level TL 2 (see more information in the documents indicated in the Wiki). The following signals must be used: MCmd, MAddr, MData, SResp, SData


The OCP standard will be used in this semester's work. Having a well-defined interconnection standard facilitates the integration of modules from different developers. At the end of the activity, students should be able to:

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