Areas of interest of the Faculty of Computing

You can also check out a playlist on IC's YouTube channel ( with the presentation of some teachers of the Program, which can complement the information below.

Computer Theory

TeacherResearch Theme
Christiane Neme CamposGraph Theory and Analysis of Algorithms
Fabio Luiz UsbertiCombinatorial Optimization
Flavio Keidi MiyazawaCombinatorial Optimization and Algorithm Analysis
Guilherme Pimentel TellesComputational Biology
Hilder Vitor Lima PereiraPost-quantum cryptography, computation over encrypted data, homomorphic encryption, zero-knowledge proofs. More details *here*
Jorge stolfiComputer Vision, Computer Graphics, Computational Geometry; Numerical Methods and Formal Languages ​​and Automata
John MeidanisComputational Biology, Algorithm Analysis and Graph Theory
Julio Cesar Lopez HernandezComputational Cryptography and Cryptographic Engineering
Lehilton Lelis Chaves PedrosaCombinatorial Optimization and Algorithm Analysis
Orlando LeeCombinatorial Optimization and Graph Theory
Pedro Jussieu de RezendeComputational Geometry, Combinatorial Optimization, Algorithm Analysis and Pattern Recognition
Rafael Crivellari Saliba SchoueryCombinatorial Optimization, Algorithmic Game Theory and Algorithm Analysis
Richard DahabComputational Cryptography, Computational Security and Algorithm Analysis
Santiago Valdes RaveloCombinatorial Optimization and Algorithm Analysis
Zanoni DaysComputational Biology, Algorithm Analysis and Combinatorial Optimization

Computer Systems

TeacherResearch Theme
Allan Mariano de SouzaDistributed Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Networks
Carlos Alberto Astudillo TrujilloAnalytical Modeling, Simulation and Implementation of Networks and Distributed Systems, Resource Management and Optimization of Mobile, Wireless and Optical Networks, Machine Learning Applied in Networks and Distributed Systems, Internet of Things.
Edmundo Roberto Mauro MadeiraComputer Networks, Distributed Systems
Edson BorinProgramming languages ​​and compilers, computer architecture, high performance computing (HPC), parallel and distributed computing, cloud computing and machine learning applied to oil problems.
Guido Costa Souza de AraujoComputer Architecture, Programming Languages ​​and Compilers, Parallel Programming, VLSI Circuit Design and Design and Test
Herve YviquelParallel computing, High Performance Computing, Programming Languages, Compilers, Computer Architecture
Islene Calciolari GarciaDistributed Systems and Fault Tolerance
Juliana Freitag BorinInternet of Things, Smart Cities, wireless network access control, quality of service and quality of experience in wireless networks, modeling and simulation of computer networks
Leandro Aparecido VillasWireless Sensor Networks, Vehicle Networks, Urban Computing and Social Networks
Lucas Francisco WannerEmbedded Systems, Operating Systems, Distributed Systems and Computer Architecture
Luiz Fernando BittencourtDistributed Systems and Cloud Computing
Nelson Luis Saldanha da FonsecaComputer network
Paulo Licio de GeusComputational Security
Rodolfo Jardim de AzevedoComputer Architecture, Dedicated Systems, Hardware Design and Use of Technology in Education
Sandro RigoProgramming Languages ​​and Compilers and Architecture of Embedded Computers and Systems

Information Engineering

TeacherResearch Theme
Alexandre Xavier Falcao Image Processing and Analysis, Computer Graphics, Biometrics and Machine Learning
Anderson de Rezende RochaForence Computing and Electronic Surveillance, Visual Computing and Machine Intelligence, Biometrics and Complex Data Inference
Andre Santanché Databases, WEB Semantics, E-Science and Education
Breno Bernard Nicolau de FranceAgile and Lean Methods of Software Development, Software Architecture, and Experimental Software Engineering
Bruno Barbieri from Pontes CafeoSoftware engineering, Software maintenance and evolution, Software testing and quality, Mining software repositories, Code samples and software ecosystems, Highly configurable systems, Cyber-physical and critical systems
Cecilia Mary Fischer Rubira Software Engineering and Fault Tolerance
Claudia Maria Bauzer Medeiros Databases, Scientific Data Management and Geographic Information Systems
Emanuel Felipe DuarteHuman-Computer Interaction and Information Technology in Education
Esther Luna Colombini Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Helio Pedrini Image and Video Analysis, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Computer Graphics
Jacques Wainer Artificial Intelligence, Collaborative Systems, Medical Informatics, Bibliometrics and Impact of Informatics on Society
Julio Cesar dos Reis Semantic Web, Computational Ontologies, Semantic Information Retrieval, Human-Computer Interaction, Natural Language Processing
Marcelo da Silva ReisBioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence, Signal Processing, Machine Learning Optimization
Marcos Medeiros RaimundoImpartiality and Explainability in Machine Learning, Multi-Objective Optimization, Optimization in Machine Learning, Mathematical Programming, and Ethics in Machine Learning
Sandra AvilaMachine Learning, Computer Vision, Image and Video Classification, Biomedical Image Processing and Analysis.